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Functional Knee Care Kit

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Functional Knee Care Kit

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This device is Functional Knee Care Kit supporting the knee movement and rehabilitation. Most of the existing knee braces previously appeared on the market have the simple function of reducing the pressure to the knee joint, but our “Functional Knee Care Kit” is the one applied with new technologies which compulsorily widen the space between the narrowed knee joint while wearing and walking.
It also physically strengthens the muscles in the knee joint so lets the patients be free from pain and enjoy happy life.

Specialties of Knee Care Kit
-widens the space forcibly between the narrowed knee joints reduce the stress from the upper side
-reduces the pain in the knee joint
-physically strengthen the muscles in the knee joint while wearing and walking ( with function of supporting the connective tissues in the knee joint and securing the space betweenthe upper and lower knee bone)
-can be adjust the angle by 10 degree as per doctor’s prescription
-provided the belt for prevention of sliding

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Functional Knee Care Kit

Functional Knee Care Kit