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Ultrasonic O2 plus Face Massager

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Ultrasonic O2 plus Face Massager

│ Description │

Ultrasonic O2 plus Face Massager is a complex beauty care machine which, for the first time in the world equipped oxygen concentrator grafted on ultrasonic massager based on the scientific system in order to maintain your skin healthy and beautiful. It makes you experience a remarkable change in your skin. Beside, under the circumstances of the oxygen content of the air being gradually rarefied due to air pollution. It can be a high-tech machinery which generating and providing oxygen to users which is inhaled by just a simple manipulation.

│ Effects │

- Ultrasonic Massage Effect : skin rejuvenation, cell activation effect
- Far infrared Rays warming effect : treats of various disease, body contrl
- Skin respiratory effect : direct inhaling oxygen through the skin

** Oxygen is the source which is supplied to the cellular tissue in the body With blood and activating bodily functions, and demonstrates an excellent ability to regenerate the damaged celluar tissues of organs and skin.

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Ultrasonic O2 plus Face Massager

Ultrasonic O2 plus Face Massager